How School Libraries Help Students Prep for Finals

Find the support you need for exam season at your school library.

They silenced opposition to book banning in Louisiana

The Senate Education Committee REFUSED to hear opposition to book banning legislation in order to push it through. That means they need to hear from you, RIGHT NOW.

Libraries Get Involved With Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Check out what libraries are doing to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month!

Unqualified Superintendents Want to Close Libraries and Burn Books

Spotsylvania, Virginia is the latest battleground where a community has pushed back against banning books, and the answer from politicians has been to just close the school libraries altogether. That’s right: rather than reconsider banning books, Spotsylvania County might close down it’s school libraries entirely.

Five Reasons to Use Your Campus Library during Finals

The college library provides a quiet oasis away from the busyness of the rest of campus.

Hundreds of books are usually banned by just ONE person in a community

How many people does it take to get a book banned from a library? Ten? Fifty? The majority of the affected community? One. Book banning is NOT a movement. It's an attack. (tweet this)

Now they want to send publishers to prison.

Where will politicians turn next after they have banned books in schools? Tennessee provided us with a possible answer this week: by punishing book publishers. But it won't stop there. Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos introduced legislation to regulate book publishing.

Book Banning Challenges throughout the US

Take a look at the latest efforts to ban books and what people are doing to fight back.

What Does National Library Week Mean During a Time of Book Bans and Censorship?

National Library Week is a time to appreciate the weighty responsibilities of library staff in the face of book challenges.

They're coming for your public library (updated)

Michigan. Illinois. Missouri. Wyoming. Arkansas. Texas. Louisiana. Washington. Alabama. Virginia We have seen the march of book bannings turn into a movement to entirely defund public libraries.